Internal Audit

Internal Auditing is to ensure organizations that their management risks, governance and various control procedures and processes are going on effectively for the survival and prosperity of the organization. We can shortly mean Internal Auditing is vital for the companies to succeed.

Internal Auditing services offered by Aanoor Associates ensure to establish strong internal control mechanism in the organizations in order to minimize risk of deliberate errors or accidents. As Aanoor Associates strongly believes that today's internal auditing not merely lies on loss control it has something to offer more to demonstrate their knowledge on operations of information technology, pay and cash order process and regulatory compliance in the organization in order to compete with today's challenging business environment.

Aanoor Associates Approach on internal auditing ensures your company

  • To understand the procedure and status of the activities ongoing in the company
  • To identify problem areas and guide ways to corrections and improvements.
  • To identify very crucial areas to make them operate with breakdown.
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