General Ledger & Accounting

General Ledger can very well be called as the heart of all the accounts as it is the vital component for all the accounting transactions. General Ledger is the central to record all the transactions like accounts receivable, payable, assets, bank and cash, also entries related to any actuals or adjustments. With our experienced team of auditors and accounting staffs Aanoor Associates strives to provide best possible General Ledger process and account reconciliation services. Our process of error free accounting services with affordable costing model underlines our dedication to offer one of the best accounting services in Chennai currently.

Our Approach in General Ledger & Accounting

Accounting Review

  • Evaluating sub-ledger entries
  • Verifying cash flows and inventories
  • Correcting posting errors
  • Journal Entry

  • Prepare and post actuals and adjustments
  • Recording of all the transactions
  • Making year-end adjustments
  • Reporting & Analysis

  • Reporting of Journal Entries
  • Reporting of Profit & Loss Accounts
  • Balance Sheet accounts analysis
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