GST Updates (Matching_GSTR_2A_WID_GSTR_3B)

GST returns

GST Returns filing Updates:

GST Law has been applicable from 1st July, at the year of 2017. The financial year 2017-18 has been ended in the month of March and now each and every taxpayer has to match the bills in the books with the GST returns filed and they have to file the returns accordingly. In GSTR 2A, bill wise details of the purchases made by the taxpayers are reflecting. Every taxpayer has to match these details with books of accounts done on the previous year. Now real match of GST will start. Because, if the sales and purchases are matched, then only we can assume that we won.

Every taxpayer must match all the sales purchases. If the supplier has not paid GST to the government or has not filed returns properly, then only the recipient will suffer. Now the fraudulent transactions between supplier and recipient will expose in GST. It means the match of GST has been started now for us.